Day 53–Adding the First Honey Super (July 3, 2013)

Day 53--Adding the First Honey Super (July 3, 2013)

During the last hive inspection, I confirmed that the bees had filled the second hive body with comb, so they were ready for their first honey super. The honey super is a more swallow hive body that the bees will fill with honey stores for the winter. If they fill the whole super, it will weigh at least 60 pounds!

After constructing the frames and painting the super, I added it to the top of the hive today. The bees always seem a little upset when I change their environment by adding or removing items, and today was no exception. I can’t really blame them though–they had just finished the gargantuan job of building half their home, and I came along and added a storage unit that they need to construct.


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