Beasts in the Yard–Massive Wasp and Writing Spiders

Beasts in the Yard--Massive Wasp and Writing Spiders

Cicada Killer Wasp

Last week, when I was preparing to feed the bees, I found this beast outside the hive. It is about 1.5 inches in length, at least three times bigger than my honeybees. I don’t know if it had come to rob the hive, but if that was its purpose, my bees had other plans. Apparently, the beast is a Cicada Killer Wasp–quite impressive. I imagine humans want to kill it as soon as they see it flying near, but the facts suggest it is harmless to humans if not bothered. Anytime you’re worried about a honeybee, just imagine this by your side!

writing spider clasping a beeWriting Spider

I generally love writing spiders, and some of the spiders that I found in early July are now all grown up. This one is on the porch, and yes, that is one of my bees between her legs. She is enjoying that forager. Luckily, most of the bees stay away from the web, or we could have a serious threat on own hands. This spider can devour a handful of bugs before the sun is overhead.


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